Stock Quotes - Which Are the Best?

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A Quick Overview on Stock Quotes
When you are out there investing in stock market while having as well your job, you will probably check with the stock quotes at the end of your working day. At this time of the day, all that you will get is the closing price of the specific stock for that particular day. However, you need to now that this price won't reveal you the entire reality of this market.

Well, it may be enough for any stock investor who gets hold of these stocks for a longer period of time. In case you have decided to trade stocks then this is not the right price to go by, at least not the one to bring you a completely successful trading. This article will describe the types of stock quotes that are available for any investor on this type of market:

* Level I quotes are those provided to you by any newspaper and news broadcast but they come in their real time. You can for this fact have an easy access to them. They are accompanied by the lowest ask price and highest current bid.

* Level II quotes come with more details such as: order size, market maker and transaction time. Internet is a great venue that offers you the possibility of finding these types of stock quotes. They are also very valuable because they help into sorting your buying and selling in accordance to a market maker that you know being successful for some time in this activity.

* Level III quotes are those stock quotes that include everything that one can find with level I and level II quotes. Aside from this you have the opportunity to execute orders and deliver the notice mentioning that the trade was executed. You should know that the quotes at level I and II are actually filtered from the data provided by these quotes. They will be directed to brokers, market makers and the exchange markets. Are you into trading penny stocks or day trading? Then these stock quotes are the best for you but they may be too much for an average investor.

Now that you have all these stock quotes levels, you will be asking which of them the best ones are. But at this question only you can be the one to answer because the answer will depend on the type of trading you do and your goals. For instance with short-term stocks and volatile stock trading there is the need of more information obtainable at a faster pace. So the level III will definitely make a difference. But for the one who gets hold of the stocks for long-term, then the closing price is probably the best to go with.

So, check first with your needs, your stock trading goals and then decide if you are better off with a level over another. Keep in mind that not always more information is the best because it can non-beneficially overload you.

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